Thursday, August 2, 2018

Job Offer

Later Thursday:

I got a job offer! Apparently I was first on the suitability list. They offered the temporary position starting in October replacing someone on maternity leave for 9 months. This position was mentioned at the interview I had but I said at the time that I could only do part time so I surprised at this offer. Wasn’t it full time? I asked today. Only 30 hours a week, which I can manage. We are still sorting out what shifts I would do, but it seems like I have a job!

It’s only a temporary position, but that’s ok. It will help me get the next job. And it’s further away than I would like, driving through traffic, but on the other hand I don’t have to work during school holidays (because it’s a library for college students, and they have minimal staff or close during holidays) which solves any problem of what to do with my own children.

I no longer feel like I’m in limbo.


  1. Brilliant news, Natalie. A foot in the door. YAY! :D