Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Lots of books


My weight wandered back up to 71.5 kg this morning. By the time I start at this job it will be the middle of spring, and I'm excited about buying more new work clothes, but I would love to lose a bit more weight before then. I really really need to get exercise consistently into my life - and keep it there even when I start work!

My tiredness of last week morphed into illness on the weekend. Headache and dizzy and backache and jelly legs. Sometimes I was nauseous and didn't eat much, other times I was bored with sitting around and ate too much. I'm feeling so much better today though. I made some lovely chicken soup for my lunch.

I'm back volunteering at my son's school library on Mondays. Last week the teacher librarian was there but as usual was teaching a couple of classes so we don't really get time to talk much. There was a lot to do and I was there most of the morning, when I tried to leave she asked me to help a little longer (which was fine). Today she wasn't there, another teacher who I don't know (maybe a sub) was running the class and only said hi and left me to it, but there wasn't much to do at all and I left after less than an hour (it's only supposed to be half an hour anyway). I realised when I got to the shops that I'd left my handbag stashed under the desk at the library (my car keys were in my pocket, and I often don't carry a bag, just essentials in pockets, so I didn't notice) and I had to go back for it. Luckily not too far.


I went into the city today to buy some books. Doing the cataloguing revealed some gaps in our collection; sometimes we hadn’t finished buying a series but quite a few gaps were where people had borrowed books and not returned them. I asked around last week but none turned up so I decided to replace some favourites. I went to my two favourite bookshops; Galaxy which specialises in sci-fi and fantasy (12 books) and Dymocks which is more general, and has a three-story store in the city (5 books). Very heavy! When I got home, 2 more had arrived that I had ordered online secondhand! Now I don’t know what to read first - and I was already in the middle of three before I bought these new ones.


  1. That's a great haul you got there! I LOVE shopping for books. Can there ever be too many to read? I have a whole stack just on my night table waiting to be tackled. And there are so many more!

    1. We devoted a shelf on one of our new bookcases to 'books to read'! Never too many. Although sometimes it can look a little overwhelming.