Wednesday, August 1, 2018



I’ve been having a really low energy week. I was exhausted on Sunday after cooking all day for the family dinner, but thought nothing of it as I’d tried a new recipe which is always stressful - it turned out well - in the midst of a house full of excited children. But then I felt the same all Monday, and kind of depressed on Tuesday. But the last couple of days I’ve embraced it. If I’m tired, I’ll just enjoy reading and watching old Project Runway. I’m in Limbo at the moment; finished my studies but not yet in a job, so it makes sense I feel a little adrift. I keep myself busy with things like sorting my photos and doing my home book cataloguing project, but they are not the same as having a real purpose to your days.

I’ve also been thinking about writing another book. I sent my first manuscript to a couple of publishers last year (no response) before deciding it wasn’t the best I could do. I’m really proud of myself for writing a whole novel and I love it but it has its faults. I can do better on my next attempt. I’ve had a few ideas for quite a while, but now I have concepts that tie it all together and I really should start writing.

Aiden is away at school camp at the moment. In Canberra, where we lived until two years ago! He should know many of the places they are visiting quite well. Questacon, the interactive science museum, for example - we had an annual pass there for many years. I just wish they weren’t there in the middle of winter, it is much colder there than here in Sydney. It can be miserable down by the lake where most of the public buildings are when an icy wind blows over the water. They had to wear full school uniform, which I’ve never seen for camp before. Extra layers underneath! I miss my baby, but it does mean I can sleep in in the morning! Jasmine gets herself to school without assistance,  only Aiden has to be dragged out of bed.

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