Thursday, October 6, 2011

BodyPump and Rosy Glow


I was going to go to Zumba this morning, even though I am not that keen on Zumba anymore -- I loved the older style Bollywood and Salsa tracks but now it is a bit of all sorts of things including Swing and HipHop -- but then I discovered that there is a BodyPump class upstairs on Fridays. Yay! I left the kids with mum, took off my heart rate monitor (I haven't worn it for ages; I forget for cardio classes and the wrist band is annoying during Pump) and off I went.

I thought I had a little bit of time so I did 8 minutes on the elliptical machine, but then found the group exercise room was packed! It is a huge room up there in Club Lime, but I ended up right over one edge practically on the carpet of the lounge area. The instructor started while I was still grabbing all my weights and Step pieces and mat, so I guess I didn't have as much time as I thought.

I thought about my bracelet and worked hard, although I didn't do the ab track at the end. When I first started BodyPump I had so little weight on the bar that it wasn't much of a workout for my muscles, but now it sure is! My shoulder has improved enough that I can do 5 kg (total)for a lot of the moves, and that is enough to exhaust me when I have to lift it up and down for a whole hour! I end up as sweaty and red-faced as when I do a cardio class, which is great. I had been staying for the ab track sometimes, but my shoulder was feeling a bit strained so I decided discretion was the better part of valour. It is so not worth the chance of injuring myself again, and ab work is amongst the most difficult moves for me.

My back and thigh muscles are a bit sore, so they definitely did a lot of work this morning. Those squats and lunges! Arg!

I've been drooling some more about my bracelet, I think I will have a look at some when I go shopping this afternoon. When I first looked at them as a birthday present I was attracted to the pink shades (the charm in the picture is called Rosy Glow, apparently) but pink doesn't seem to represent a reward to hard physical and mental labour. I need something stronger looking. Also, although I love pink and wear it a fair bit in summer; I don't wear it much in winter or ever in the evening. I want a bracelet I can wear when I am glammed up! So I am thinking purple. I wear a lot of purple, and it also goes well with black.

From memory, the elaborate crystal charms are over $100, I will use them as rewards for each 5 kg weight loss. But there are also plain silver charms (by "plain" I don't mean boring, I remember a lovely dragon one) which I think were under $50 and look great alternated with the fancier ones. So I am going to set myself fitness goals that are not directly weight-related to earn those. For example, the first one I have though of is achieving a whole month of exercising at least 5 days per week (21 days out of 30 consecutive days).

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