Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Early mornings


Time to catch up on the past few days. Tuesday morning was so cloudy and gloomy that I didn't realise that it was morning, and didn't get up early even though I was awake. Got to the gym well before Zumba so decided to use the treadmill and elliptical machine instead, and was able to get home and started work earlier than usual; and I also worked a bit in the evening. I have so much to do for the next couple of months that I am a bit stressed about it, but just need to keep chipping away. Food intake was reasonably good, but had a bit of an afternoon tea blow-out that included biscuits, cheese and chocolate as well as the two peaches I had originally planned for.

Wednesday is my day with Aiden. I got up early and did some work, then went to BodyPump, the library, haircut for Aiden, bought a present for his best friend's birthday, and grocery shopping. He had a bit of a runny nose and was a cranky and teary in the afternoon so we spend an hour cuddled together on the lounge watching a cooking show and I dozed off.

I found BodyPump a little bit easier than in the past, just like Monday. Again, I was able to do all the lunges -- so it wasn't a fluke! Yay! I actually did some power lunges ON THE STEP! And I do a lot of the shoulder work now (modified a bit and generally without any weight, but still) and I stay for the abs track and do isometrics -- basically just clenching muscles rather than actually doing crunches. I am not quite ready to lift heavier weights, but will experiment with that soon. I have some sore muscles now -- but only when I poke them.

Usually everyone starts BodyPump surrounded by different weights plus their Step and mat and training towel ... and gradually sheds things as they go. For instance I use a 5 kg weight for my squats, holding it on my chest because I can't get a bar up onto my shoulders; I put it away straight after that track as I don't use it for anything else. Everyone knows the routine of what you need when; and there is usually time to put something back on the rack between tracks while other people are changing weights on their bar or whatever -- not like my BodyStep class with the water Nazi not letting you leave your place. Generally most people put their Step back after the tricep track because you don't need it again. But after half the class had put theirs away (I had put back the bricks under mine but not the actual Step yet) the teacher said we needed it for the lunge track. I did the power lunges from my low Step -- you start on it then step back and down into your lunge. Then I put it away, along with most of those who hadn't already got rid of theirs. Rather belatedly, the intructor then told us that we needed the Step for our shoulder track to do push-ups on. A room full of people retrieving their Steps. I didn't bother, I do wall push-ups anyway. Finish that track. Put the Steps away (for the third time, for some people). THEN the instructor mentions we need the Steps to help with our sideways crunches in the abs track! Arg! Sense of timing, woman! Maybe she thought it was funny. I didn't get my Step back, I don't do crunches, but I don't think anyone else bothered to get theirs back either. The only people still using one were those who don't put their equipment away until the end anyway.

Last night we had D&D with the usual supper of junk food. Look away, nothing to see here.

This morning I got up nice and early, fired up the computer, did 15 mins of work, and went back to bed. It is "that time of the month" and I feel tired and bloated and yuck. I feel rather doubtful that I will get to the lunchtime BodyStep class, but I did make myself walk the kids to school which was a small win.

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