Thursday, October 6, 2011

Punyness exposed


I went to Zumba on Tuesday morning and spent an hour at the gym today while mum babysat. There is no suitable class on Thursdays until 12.30, which was too late for my purposes, so I did 20 mins on the elliptical, 25 mins lifting weights in some approximation of BodyPump moves, and 15 mins on the bike. I miss proper BodyPump, it just hasn't worked out this week.

Oh, speaking of which, I mentioned to a friend that I lift 5 kg (total), mainly restricted by my dodgy shoulders but I do find my legs trembling at the end of the squats track. And do you know how much he lifts? Guess. You'll never guess. 140 kg. OMFG. 140 kg. I don't know if that is for a whole hour, but he did mention doing squats and bench presses with that weight. I couldn't even lift that. He has been lifting weight for 15 years or something, but he is not at all bulky.

Mum then took me and the kids out to lunch, and then we went to Floriade (the patting paddock was gone but they had a reptile area which was interesting) and on a lake cruise. It was a cool grey day with intermittant rain -- luckily mostly while we were on the boat which had a roof. We had to walk back to the car in the rain, which didn't bother me at all but mum didn't like it much. Unless it is a really cold day, I would rather walk through light rain than be hot and sweaty on a summer day. Much rather! But different people hate different things. I noticed when we were in China I complained about the heat, but on the rainy days there was a huge kerfuffle about buying umbrellas (which you have to hold up constantly) and raincoats (which is like wearing your own personal sauna). I just walked in the rain, and stopped complaining about the horrible heat for a few minutes!

I am really trying to get back on track with the exercise. I admit that I feel much better when I do it.

photo by popoever

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