Friday, October 21, 2011

Early weigh-in: 79 kg; down 0.8 kg


Somehow my exercise schedule had morphed into a endless run of BodyPump with hardly any cardio. I need to redress that. I went to Zumba yesterday instead of swapping it for BodyPump as I had been doing lately and I quite enjoyed it; especially as the instructor asked the class if we had any favourite tracks so I got to ask for my Bollywood one. Dancing that one is fun, not just exercise/work and I wish they were all like that! I only have one other favourite (an Irish sort of themed one). I am there to get fit, but it helps if I enjoy it.

I won't have the chance to get to the gym this weekend so I went for a walk this morning. I may not be anywhere near any weight-loss goals but I am determined to get my first charm for a whole month of exercising 5 times a week! Only a week to go on that one. I did some window shopping both in person and on line and have decided Pandora is definitely the way to go.

I am staying at my mum's house tonight so I weighed myself a day early, back down to 79 kg. Better than up.

I am really struggling to get my work done while going to the gym nearly every day. I only have school hours four days a week, so an hour at the gym plus showering and travel time really takes a big chunk of my day. If I add anything else, like shopping or getting a hair cut, I barely get any work done at all. So I am seriously considering doing the early morning classes -- 6.15 am. Urg. That means getting up at 5.45. On the positive side; I've been waking nearly that early anyway (and just wasting time tossing and turning), it will probably be light and not too cold now we are well into spring, and it will get exercise out of the way very first thing. I will go back to having four whole days (school hours) to get some work done. Oh, but I hate getting up early!

It would mean two Pump Classes, two Step, and one Attack. Plenty of cardio there. I might need a rest on the weekends.

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