Friday, October 7, 2011

Put down that bottle of water!


I had my usual resistance to Saturday's BodyStep. It is after lunch, and I generally do better exercising first thing in the morning; and I was tired and my body was a bit sore from Pump yesterday (because I didn't stay for stretches?); and it is the most intense class of the week. I was considering taking an easier option like an hour of treadmill. We were running a bit late for the kids swimming lesson and I was quite ready to (oh so reluctanty) miss the class if they had already started. But luckily/alas I got there in time. Yay/damn.

The first 20 mins were great, I had a brick under my step and leapt around like a pudgy middle-aged gazelle. Then I ran out of energy. I blame the nazi instructor who doesn't let us drink between tracks (we are only allowed 2 drinks, I think, throught the whole class). I sometimes defy her, but when you have someone yelling into a microphone for you to come back, don't drink yet, don't leave your step... it's kind of hard. I was dripping sweat and dry mouthed and exhausted. As usual, I dragged myself through the rest of the class without a modicum of pep or vim. And then ate a chocolate bar.

I wore my heart rate monitor but forgot to turn it off until I was in the car on the way home. So it is a bit inaccurate, but I did spend 22 mins in zone 1, 20 mins in zone 2 and 1 min in zone 3. The rest was zone 0. 214 calories. Peak HR 144.

I am very happy that I have exercised 4 days out of the past 5. My eating is still not under control though. I am just so hungry! And when I am not hungry, I still eat anyway. At least I don't have much junk in the house now, but I am pigging out on cheese and buttered cruskits.

I have quite a few family events in the next couple of months; at fortnightly intervals in Sydney (3.5 hours drive away) I have a friends birthday party, a cousin-in-law's birthday, and my cousin's engagement party. Also, back here, we have my boy Aiden's 5th birthday -- and his best friend's the week before. Then Christmas is looming, and holidays away. I wish I was thinner already to show off to family and friends. But getting there slowly.

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