Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dress shopping


I hated that porridge. It was still tasteless glue. So breakfast is still a struggle every morning. This morning I had an orange and two kiwifruit, cut up and mixed together, and it was yummy and refreshing -- but I am starting to get hungry already an hour and half later.

In other news, I didn't get my weight-loss charm because I was only under 75 kg for that one day last week, I'm up nearly a kg since then. I've been eating too much and not exercising much, so it is very understandable. It is very cold here, below zero at night, and I'm wanting to comfort eat all the time. Also there have been a few events -- two kids' birthday parties and our regular weekly D&D supper and lunch out twice. But I haven't shown much restraint at all. And this weekend is going to be a big one, so I have to be extra careful to be good for the next few days.

This weekend is our ten year wedding anniversary, and the Aurealis Awards night (I was a judge), and Mother's Day. And Tim's grandmother died on Monday so her funeral will be soon. And at none of these events are jeans and a T-shirt emblazoned with "My imaginary friend thinks you have problems" appropriate attire. So yesterday I went shopping.

I found a nice red everyday top and some leggings straight away (I only wear leggings under a winter dress with boots, I do not think overweight people should ever wear them as trousers! What are they thinking! Clothes that cling to and highlight every bulge and bump??) but I really needed a dress. I tried on one that looked beautiful on the mannequin but was not quite as flattering on me. I considered it for a while. After all, I am overweight. I can't expect to look like a model. Maybe this is as good as it gets. I decided to come back to it if I needed to.

Then I went into Table Eight. And found a store full of clothes that I looked fabulous in! I tried on about ten things and honestly could have bought all of them, but of course many were quite similar to eat other and I didn't need that many things. I ended up with five items. For the formal Aurealis Awards, a black knee-length dress with lace sleeves that is the most flattering thing I have worn for a long time. For my anniversary lunch and show, Mother's Day lunch, and probably the funeral; a dark purple dress in a thick material that skims but doesn't cling with 3/4 sleeves. For everyday, two jewel-bright tops; one blue, one green. I usually stick to pastels in summer and dark colours in winter but these are eye-popping yet lovely. And finally, a coat!

I'd tried on a few coats recently. I own a heavy overcoat that I have had for twenty years and hated for fifteen. It is early-nineties ugly, with huge shoulders and no waist like a miniature rugby player. And only a single button  in the middle, so when I sit down it gapes right up to my waist and doesn't keep my legs warm at all. I wanted something tailored and beautiful, but with my stiff shoulder I just couldn't get them on. I've been wearing big wooly jumpers. Yesterday when I was trying on the purple dress I wasn't even going to try on a coat but the saleslady kept bringing over horrible boxy jackets which looked terrible on me (the only things in the store that did) so I pointed out a trenchcoat sort-of-thing without much hope I'd be able to get it on and off without assistance. She put it on me and it looked so good! Knee length and belted at the waist, you could just see a thin line of the purple dress at the bottom and then my long boots. I felt so amazing, with a curvy and feminine shape but not fat. I really really wanted it. So I tried to take it off alone. And then put it back on again. Easy!

My left shoulder has had a little more movement lately, I can suddenly almost reach the small of my back with my thumb, and I guess the coat material isn't really stiff. Anyway, I bought it of course. It is a bit lighter and thinner than my old overcoat (and shorter) but I think it will be enough. I have shown it off to everyone already with good results.

So, whether it was that particular shop, or the loss of four/five kilos (around ten pounds), I am feeling pretty happy with how I look in my new clothes.

Now to lose another five kilos before I need a new summer wardrobe!

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