Friday, May 18, 2012

An old post I found hiding

Tuesday (I found this draft from 3 Jan 2012 so I'm posting it even though it is very old):

Tim went back to work today. He has been doing most of the child-wrangling and a lot of the housework over the festive season so I could work (read, read, read); but now I am on my own. I am certainly not getting as much reading done!

I didn't sleep well last night, summer has finally hit here after a cool and rainy December. I don't like the heat and really struggle to sleep and to work. Luckily we have air con, so I can at least cool down in the lounge room.

Today has involved 40 mins editing work, 30 mins Kinect Dance with the kids, dozing off while trying to read, making lunch, dozing off while trying to read (again), then the grocery shopping.

The shopping trip deserves a bit of a rant. First day back after a long weekend so the shops were quite crowded. We parked a long way from the doors and it was a hot trudge through the car park. Queued at the post office, queued at the bank only to find a cheque hadn't cleared yet so I didn't have much money in that account, no fantasy calendars at the first calendar stall. Upstairs to another calendar stall, grabbed last dragon one. Yay. 40% off -- because we are a whole three days into the NY? Excellent. Walked all the way to the other end of the shopping centre to the newsagent to buy a business diary. Found a nice one. Another win.

Then things started to go a bit wrong. The kids and I were all a little tired by now, and hungry. I didn't buy anything for myself as I didn't think there were any good choices handy -- I would have bought a banana but there were only green ones at the fruit shop -- but I got Jasmine a sushi roll and Aiden an expensive ham & cheese pastry from the bread shop where I also asked for a loaf of bread ... then found I had no cash left. Just enough for Aiden's pastry. The kids ate while I queued at the auto teller for my other bank. Jasmine found she couldn't eat her sushi -- she only likes the rice & the nori wrapping, she pulled all the cucumber filling out but it had some kind of green sauce tainting the whole thing. So into the bin. Waste, and she is still hungry, but I was not willing to spend even more money when hopefully we would be home soon. Get to auto teller. My card is not in my wallet. Drag kids back to last place I used it, the newsagent. They give me my card.

Back to queue at the auto teller again, then the bread shop to get the loaf, and finally into Woolworths to do a couple of days worth of grocery shopping. To find the shelves half-empty. It was weird, I assume a horde of people descended this morning after the long weekend and they hadn't been able to restock. I was too tired (and bit cranky) to face going back to the fruit shop or another supermarket; so I literally grabbed the last capsicum, the last half a broccoli, the last 4 or 5 snow peas at the bottom of the tray. The grapes and watermelon were really old and yuck, no peaches ... Anyway, we'll make do. At least they had plenty of salad vegetables, and the meat I wanted.

Hiked back through the car park in the heat, drove home in stinking hot car, put the perishables in the fridge, got kids drinks icecreams (hmm, it seems to end here...)

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