Friday, May 4, 2012

WW weigh-in 11: 77.2 kg; down 1 kg


Back down to 77.2 kg at WW. I was a little surprised to only lose 1 kg, considering I was down 1.9 kg mid-week, but it is TTOM and I have been eating a bit too much chocolate as well as retaining water or whatever. Anyway, 1 kg is great.

The meeting was about ... um ... oh, I know, planning for eating out. Advice about looking at menus online and deciding what to eat before you get there, avoiding deep fried and creamy foods or extras like bread rolls. We had a look through the WW restaurant book and a few things were surprising. Like you often expect seafood to be the healthier option, but a seafood burrito was much higher in PP than a beef one -- it probably had a creamy sauce rather than a tomatoey one. The highest point item I found (apart from 69 PP for 300 mL of some kind of sauce but who has more than a cup of sauce in one sitting?) was the French bean casserole cassoulet which was 29 PP -- more than my whole day's allowance. Lucky I don't like beans.

It was a slightly unusual day. I had been warned by my eletricity provider that power would be off from 9 until 4 so I planned to stay away from the heaterless computerless house. It got down to below freezing last night and after walking the kids to school I was feeling chilly and hoping for a hot cup of tea before I went out. The power was still on when I walked into the house at 9.10, I turned on the kettle ... about 5 seconds later the power went off. Damn.

After my WW meeting I went to the shopping centre. I had finished reading a book the day before and decided to buy one and sit in a cafe, but my bookstore didn't have any of the three I particularly wanted. I bought a different one after quite a lot of deliberation -- at least I wasn't in a hurry -- and then wandered around the centre and bought the kids some new winter pyjamas & stuff before sitting with a cup of tea. Had a failure of communication there where I didn't get any milk but got that sorted. Went and had all the hair ripped out of my armpits with hot wax. I don't usually really enjoy chatting to beauticians and hairdressers and the like, it's all just boring small-talk, but this girl and I managed a fun chat that included her fear of mice and how snakes could get caught in a hen house because they couldn't fit back through the wire after swallowing the eggs whole.

Back to the shops and tried on a few clothes with no success. There were some beautiful winter coats but I still can't easily get into them due to my stiff shoulder. There has been a recent big improvement, I can now almost touch the small of my back with my left thumb, but I can't still put on my own bra or -- as I discovered today -- put on a fitted coat. I had lunch at Subway then did the grocery shopping. Although I did University-level mathematics, today I calculated that 10.30--2.30 was 3 hours and I tried to leave without paying for parking, neccessitating the person behind me backing up and me doing an eight-point turn to get out of the exit lane so I could go back and pay. Anyway, finally home just before child pick-up time to find the power had recently come back on (the CD player was part-way through Cher's greatest hits). Got the heater on and strolled out to fetch progeny. My neighbour Ian, raking autumn leaves in his front yard, asked if I had checked my mail today. Apparently we are having another power outage Wednesday week! His neighbour on the other side is quite irate as they are all down with the flu and sitting in a freezing house isn't helping. Although, now that I think about it, they have an open fire than stinks up the neighbourhood so I'm not sure what they are complaining about.

All of my food today has been a little bit too much -- all the meals a bit bigger than they should have been and then Cadbury's brought out a new variety of chocolate that I bought today but was going to save until I had the PP for it. Ahem. It was very good.

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