Thursday, May 17, 2012

WW weigh-in 12: 76.8 kg; down 0.4 kg


Incredibly, I am down 0.4 kg since a fortnight ago! My weight had crept up most of that first week, got it down a bit, then up again while we were away, down a whole kg these last two days since we got home. If only I could be consistent!

In hindsight, although we ate out a lot last week I rarely ate the whole meal. In fact, aside from a couple of breakfasts and the two McDonald's visits, I would say I generally ate around half of what was on my plate. I stopped when I was full. I only had dessert twice, hardly anything between meals, three alcoholic drinks. So I actually did really well under the circumstances. Without struggling or even thinking much about it -- even better! Instead of stuffing myself, because it was delicious or expensive or in front of me, I ate as much as I needed then stopped. I avoided the uncomfortable over-stuffed feeling I am so familiar with from the past. Go me!

The meeting today was about breakfast, renewing my committment to find something filling and healthy. I copied down a recipe for wholewheat pancakes with ricotta and berries. Only half a dozen people there today, but a really friendly and chatty meeting. Very enjoyable. And one of our leaders (the one that weighs us in not the one who talks and I'm afraid I've forgotten her name) just had a photo shoot to be in the WW magazine as a success story so that is awesome. Can't wait to see the 30 kg heavier "before" photo as she is so slender now it is hard to believe.

I did the grocery shopping and included a Jarrah hot chocolate trial pack with different varieties. I love hot chocolate but usually make it with milk and it turns out about 6 PP, you make this one with hot water and it is 2 PP. I had one (dark Belgian decadence) after lunch and it was really nice. Not watery at all. A lot of warming chocolately taste for the same PP as a freddo frog or mini Milky Way.

Speaking of water/milk, I have seen from a few sources that I should probably try making porridge with water rather than milk. I'll give it a go one day. I also bought quinoa flakes today, since I like quinoa so much, that you can use to make a kind of porridge.

I didn't end up buying the 5 kg/5% reward charm as I was only that low for one day, but I hope to get down to that again this week. And then ...

As everyone knows these days, goals have to be SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, ... um ... ok I looked it up and there are a few variations but I'll go with realistic and time-bound.

There is just over six weeks to my 42nd birthday, and no major obstacles between now and then. I want to lose 5.6 kg, nearly a kg a week. I admit my past record makes this a big target, but attainable nevertheless. Aim high! 5.6 kg would take me to 72.2 kg (at WW), and my 10% weight loss.

How am I going to achieve this? In essence, follow the WW plan. Stick to my points, exercise. Fruit for snacks, lots of vegetables to bulk out meals, limited treats. In particular I need to work on: breakfast (I have a few ideas to try as I've mentioned); drinking six glasses a day -- this is a constant struggle for me; and exercise -- I want to earn 10 activity PP five days a week. Yesterday this meant 50 mins of Zumba (moderate level exercise -- the Kinect says I burned more than 900 calories which is ridiculous, more like 400 at the very most and the WW formula probably gave me 200), 30 mins of Just Dance 3 (moderate, I am slowly working on getting 5 stars in everything), and 40 mins of walking (low). Of course I could also spend a lot less time doing a higher level of intensity.

I can do this. I can lose weight, even while going to restuarants and parties. I can make time for exercise. I can do it!

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