Monday, June 3, 2013

Confidence in my cooking


Nothing makes me regain confidence in my own cooking like a visit to mum's house.

My mum is a terrible cook. Dad used to take us out to Chinese restaurants sometimes (divorced parents) and it seemed like to best food ever. Even vegetables were edible there -- amazing.

Anyway, when I moved out of home in my 20s I slowly taught myself to cook a few things. Over the years I built up a repertoire, and thought I was pretty good. Then came shows like Master Chef and My Kitchen Rules. OMG, is that what other people can cook? Incredible stuff. Made my cooking skills seem rather feeble.

But any visit to mum's reminds me that I am not so bad. We try to avoid meals there as much as possible but usually have breakfast. Ah, half a piece of flabby bacon and a burnt egg. Nothing like it.

Apart from that it was a lovely weekend. We drove up to Sydney. A cousin I was very close to as a child had a baby a year ago so we went to the 1st birthday party and saw all mum's side of the family. Then took mum out to dinner at a restaurant ($195 was a small price to pay to avoid her cooking) and stayed at her house. Then on Sunday went to see my baby niece and my husband's side of the family. Little Emma is only 11 weeks old and so cute.

We managed to avoid fast food on the road trip both ways which is a change.

Being away all weekend meant I we didn't catch up on all the housework I've been neglecting since I started work, but it was nice anyway.


  1. We don't usually eat at my mom's house either. She used to be a really good cook, but she has Multiple Sclerosis and it wears her out so much that we don't let her cook anymore. She gets really cranky in the kitchen. We tried cooking for her when we came over, but now we just eat before we get there and after we leave =) My parents live in a retirement village and have a cafeteria to eat in when they want, so they usually don't eat at home themselves! LOL

  2. One time, my mother mentioned, "You don't cook any of the same foods you ate when you grew up." Well, because that food wasn't healthy and I didn't really like it, but I just say that I don't have those recipes.

    :-) Marion