Monday, June 10, 2013

Dance robots


We just had a long weekend, for .... I dunno. Queen's Birthday, maybe? Anyway, my father-in-law was here for the first couple of days then it was just us for a nice little break at home.

I didn't do much exercise until the Monday when I got in over an hour of good dancing. I've finished the Dance Central 2 crew challenge on easy, you battle dance robots at the end! Now onward to medium. Medium is not just scored more stringently (like on Just Dance games), it actually adds more difficult and more energetic dance moves. So should be fun.

Last night Tim was sick with stomach cramps and he stayed home today. I went to work but came home at lunchtime after suddenly feeling awful. I feel like I've been sick quite often this year. As usual, my main symptom is intense fatigue. Headache, bit of nausea. Aching body, weak legs. Nothing too horrible, just need to rest.

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