Monday, June 24, 2013

Rain and more cake


Well I've put on about 1.5 kg since I last weighed myself, and no wonder. This morning we had another morning tea at work, cake and biscuits. Luckily it was another cake I didn't like (coffee and walnut, this time, I hate coffee) so I wasn't tempted by that but I did have a couple of chocolate covered biscuits. I feel like my workplace if full of unexpected hazards! But I can't blame it all on work, I also had a chocolate ├ęclair when out shopping with my family yesterday.

The more junk I eat, the harder it is to stop.

To help make sure I actually do it, I've told lots of people that I am going to take time off and write a novel. I've belonged to a writing group for a few years but only faffed around, of course they were all very supportive. When the big boss at work called me this afternoon to say they could extend my contract for another month, I told him I had other plans. I'm excited but also scared, I know it is going to be really hard work. But I also know from experience that getting started each session is the hard bit, once I start writing I don't really want to stop. Kind of like exercise.

I didn't walk to work today, only the second time I've driven, because it was pouring rain. Still is, probably will be raining all day tomorrow too. I don't mind a sprinkle, especially on a warm day, but this is bucket-loads and it is freezing here. Canberra does tend to get its rain in winter.

Last Thursday it wasn't raining but it was very cold, and I got home late after ferrying children around to their activities looking forward to a hot and tasty casserole. It was lukewarm, the cooking process barely started after more than three hours. So our oven is broken. And I'd just done the grocery shopping and included a roast and two more casseroles for the week ahead. Luckily we have a slow cooker and the stove-top still works. The slow cooker is great for casseroles, but didn't work so well for the lamb roast. It was falling apart but with no crispy bits or golden potatoes.

Maybe I think too much about food.


  1. I'll look forward to reading your book when it's all published =)

  2. Hi Natalie! Well, you know what to do--stricter food rules for yourself. No eating crap at work, etc... I'm sure that all of this has already zipped through your mind--now implement it.

    Sometimes ovens are very easy to fix. A switch broke down on our oven, and presto-fixo, and it worked again with a new switch. I thought it would be more complicated, but no.

    I've written some manuscripts but I'm so scared they have typos in them. Or people will disagree. What if everyone thinks it is stupid! Or any of those typical excuses from not e-publishing.

    :-) Marion