Monday, June 17, 2013

Karaoke and dance


Tim & I went out to karaoke on Saturday night. It was a place where you get a private room for you and your friends. The upsides are you're only among people you know and you get to sing a lot; the downsides are a small audience (I love to perform) and it's too loud to talk. And it's not free like most karaoke in a pub or something, you have to hire the room. I haven't actually been to karaoke for many years and back in my day there was always a host/dj who put on the song for you after you chose from a big list in a folder. In this place you had to work the touch-screen thingie yourself. The interface was terrible, really hard to find stuff, and a lot of it was in Korean. But we managed to find some good songs eventually.

On Sunday I did two hours of dance, getting through the whole "crew challenge" on medium on Dance Central 2. I was very tired by the end but it was fun. I think I am over the illness that had been dogging me all last week (Tim still had a stiff neck today).

We had a team meeting at work today and my supervisor bought cake. Luckily neither of the ones she bought were flavours I like -- I picked at once slice but was not tempted to eat much.

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