Sunday, June 30, 2013



I've been trying very hard to NOT say: it's my birthday in a few days so I might as well just eat what I like and start my diet the day after.

On Saturday I did over an hour of vigorous dancing. I was really hungry all day and ate quite a lot of cheese, more than "a handful" of nuts, and right at bedtime raided the fridge for some cold chicken. So I don't know if that counts as a good day or not.

On Sunday we spent the whole day watching the Dancesport competition. They have it every year here, quite a big event of mostly Australians but a few visitors -- ballroom (waltz, foxtrot etc) New Vogue (which I think is an Australian invention, it's nothing like Madonna's video, more like a precise routine based on waltz, tango etc depending on which one you are doing) and Latin dancing (cha cha, pasa doble etc). Tim's cousin and his wife were in the beginner levels. We stayed all day and went back in the evening for the finals but couldn't stay for all of that due to the kids slumping with exhaustion.

I limited unhealthy food to lunch and an ice cream, taking other snacks with us, but spent most of the day sitting. I did have to climb up and down steep auditorium stairs every time I went to the bathroom, which was quite often. I think I did quite well under the circumstances.

This morning I drove the car in to be serviced and walked home. Usually I enjoy walking but it was miserably cold. I woke with a bit of a sniffle this morning; and when I was outside my nose was running, my eyes weeping, my ears hurting from the cold etc. Hopefully it will be better later in the day when I go to pick the car up. My poor children are at their school athletics (sports) carnival today! I hope they are warm enough.

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  1. Hi Natalie! Happy birthday! Dancesport sounds very fun to watch. I love that kind of event.

    :-) Marion