Wednesday, July 3, 2013



It was my birthday yesterday! 43. I started this blog three years ago, actually two weeks before my 40th birthday. As that milestone thundered towards me I began a series of attempts to lose weight. Before that I'd only really tried once, that I recall, a low-carb diet that my mum suggested and paid for before my wedding. I lost 5kg and nearly my sanity. Grumpy and miserable the whole time. Over the past three years I've tried a few different methods, lost a measly 5kg but then maintained it with little bobs up and down on the scale.

I had a lovely day. Presents in bed (my main present was a new lap top to write my novel on), lunch at a fancy restaurant with my husband, play date with a friend after school and D&D games night. I didn't "pig out" at any one time but I was kind of eating all day. And yes I had cake! I also played with my new lap top and listened to the awesome Eurovision CD my daughter gave me.

Today was busy with two events at the school, one in the morning and one at lunch time. A lot of my day was either at the school or driving my husband to and from work so he could attend too. And the grocery shopping. But I found one hour for my first writing session and managed 536 words. I have begun! Generally I hope to write more like 800 words an hour, but I was still mucking around with the software. And stopping to gaze out the window of the library in a bit of a panic at what I have committed myself to.

I had very little to eat all morning and then a very late lunch (nearly 2pm, I usually have lunch around 12) and I was really hungry for about four hours before I got to eat. Genuine hunger, with stomach rumbles and everything. But you know what? I didn't die, or even faint or anything. I was hungry at 10 and even hungrier at 11 but then stayed about the same until I finally got my late lunch. And it was so good! Hunger is survivable. Actually, in the past I have had some problems with mood swings if my blood sugar drops but I was ok today. I'm feeling in control.