Monday, July 29, 2013

Doing a runner


This morning I went to my new favourite café to write in, with lovely views of the lake. Last time I was there I paid at the counter when placing my order, today I didn't and only thought about it once the waitress had brought my cup of tea. But I just decided to pay as I left. Did an hour an a half of writing. Packed up, pleasant exchange with waitress as she cleared my detritus, left. Half an hour later, while doing the grocery shopping, realised I had never paid.

Now it was only $3 or so, no big deal, but it really worried me. I want to go to that café about twice a week and sit there for a long time writing without spending much money -- I need to be on good terms with them! And I am an extremely lawful person, it just rubbed me up the wrong way and I couldn't leave it until next time I went in. So after the shopping I went back and paid and the waitress was very nice about it and the barista next to her said I could have just paid next time. And I felt much more comfortable.

Came home and had lunch and did half an hour of exercise before school pick-up. Gravity was so heavy today! Either because my muscles were tired from yesterday's exertions, or because I'd just eaten lunch and my stomach was still busy digesting.

I rang my doctor's office to find out if my blood test results had come in, I didn't want to wait until Wednesday's appointment to find out. The test was back but the receptionist wouldn't tell me the results or let me pick them up, she said the doctor wants to discuss them with me first. They've given me test results before. So we know what that means. Pretty much confirmation I have diabetes. Not a surprise. I'd still like to see the actual numbers and get final confirmation. And the discount on the stuff I need to buy. Also a bit miffed I'm not allowed to know without the doctor's permission -- this is MY body, not hers! But I think they are required to give bad news in person in case the patient takes it badly.

Still, surely it is my right to know.

Ate a bit too much today; nothing bad but just a little too much of everything. Need to watch portion size. Like the big steak for dinner. Still pretty happy with my choices. And proud of myself for fitting everything into my day. From school pick-up I was ferrying the kids back and forth to gymnastics and dance then home for late dinner, so I had to get it all done in school hours. Writing, shopping and exercise!

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  1. Hi Natalie! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!