Saturday, July 27, 2013

In the groove


Things are going well. I've exercised every day, an hour of moderate-level (dancing with the Xbox) and this morning I did an hour and three quarters. I was tired but just kept going anyway. And it took a couple of days but I've got my diet to where I want it.

Yesterday I had three serves of (full fat) dairy, two fruits, lots and lots of vegetables of various kinds, appropriate amounts of chicken at lunch and salmon at dinner, and some healthy carbs (high fibre bread, Ryvita whole grain crackers, potato). No sugar. Around 30g of fibre! And all within my calorie limit of 1340. I will actually allow myself a bit more than that on days of extra exercise, like today, if I am hungry. Only slight failing was only five glasses of water, but still pretty good. I sometimes feel a little bloated with all the bulk of vegetables and extra fibre, and there is a certain "something" missing when I can't snack mindlessly at night, but I'll get past that.

I've been refreshing my memory on all the diabetics stuff, not that I really need it but I do like reading about it, and I found a book at the library that I really loved. Because it reaffirmed what I was already starting to do! I'd started trying to lose weight and exercising, of course, but also started increasing fibre, taking my calcium/vitamin D tables which my doctor had recommended ages ago and I'd taken one bottle but hadn't bothered to buy any more until this week, and taking krill oil tablets because my mum said they'd helped her with her joint problems.

So, I get this book, The Diabetes DTour Diet (Barbara Quinn and the editors of Prevention magazine, 2009, Rodale Inc), from the library yesterday. It has a detailed diabetic-specific diet to help you lose weight and balance glucose levels which involves the main points:
*Exercise regularly (tick)
*Eat at least 25g fibre per day (tick)
*1200mg of calcium per day (tick, part diet part tablets)
*1000 IU of vitamin D per day (tick, combo of diet, sunlight and tablets)
*1100mg if omega-3s per day (I think so, not sure how much omega 3 in krill oil but I also had salmon. The book doesn't actually recommend fish oil tablets but there is no way I am eating that much fish)

It was very affirming to be told I was doing something right. I'm not going to follow their exact diet plan but I like the guidelines.

I weighed myself yesterday and I'd already lost that carb-loading weight plus a bit more in a couple of days, so that was reassuring too.

In a good mindset.

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  1. Hi Natalie, This sounds good. You're attacking the problem instead of letting it attack you. And yes, a little bit of beginning weight will be water, but it all counts. If you eat like this for long-term, you're going to be very happy with yourself. :D