Thursday, July 11, 2013

Frantic cleaning in preparation for maternal visit


I wasn't as "better" as I'd thought. I didn't exercise or houseclean yesterday, I had a nap in the afternoon instead. Then I had quite a bad night. But my mum was coming after lunch today so that gave me the morning to clean the house whether I felt up to it or not. And if you think I could just explain to her that I'd been sick, I'll laugh in your face.

I scrubbed the bathroom, did the grocery shopping quickly with the kids, came home and cleaned the kitchen and picked up and vacuumed the hall and lounge-room. Then collapsed. The kids' rooms are still a nightmare, and the study and games rooms are pretty bad, but at least the living areas are decent.

In the afternoon we dropped Aiden at gymnastics and took Jasmine to buy the make-up she needs for her upcoming dance recital. Foundation, powder, puffs to apply the powder, mascara, eye-liner, eye shadow, blush, a brush for the blush, lipstick, lip-liner. She's nine, people. NINE! I tried to get cheapish items but not too junky, and got a good mascara because that will be going right on her eyes. $85. Sigh.

She had some make-up already (given to her by other people), mainly vibrant eye shadows and nail polish, but she needed specific colours.

Seriously, I don't use half the stuff I had to get for her.

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