Saturday, June 22, 2013

Exciting plans

Saturday evening:

After writing the last post I was feeling a bit down about the future. My dream job was now out of bounds. But... what about the other dream job?

I've always wanted to be a writer, but never really made the time for it. It came last, after family and work and watching TV and playing with my iPhone. I've watched in awe and envy as others completed whole books, and even sometimes got them published.

Well I have one week of my current contract to go. I just turned down a job offer and recanted on one I'd already accepted for August. I've taken my name off the websites that have my freelance business listed. I have my plot, and a barely-started manuscript.

 I have six months to write a book. Wish me luck!

 Of course writing full time wouldn't go any better with my RSI than editing full time would. I am going to write two hours a day (trying various cafes and libraries so I can get out of the house). Two hours a day at my rate of 800-1000 words per hour gives me a novel in three months, then another three months to work on the first draft and the second draft ... then in 2014 I'll put it through my writing group's critique circle then I'll hire a professional editor ... and then I'll send it off to publishers.
If I'm ever going to do this, it is time to start.

And writing two hours a day will give me plenty of time for exercise and housework and all the other stuff I've been neglecting. I know that some people can get up at 4am to write and then do their yoga and then work full time and study in the evenings and still cook up a gourmet meal and present a smiling face to the husband. Well if you've been reading this blog you'll know that isn't me!

I've got six months to give it a good go, then review. Obviously I won't have a publisher at that point, even if I've written a masterpiece, but at least I'll know if writing as a profession is something I can do.

BTW, the book I am planning is the kind with dragons and magic.

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