Friday, August 16, 2013

Empty house


Usually during the week there is the hustle and bustle of getting the kids ready for school, then they and my husband are gone and the house is quiet. It is nice, peaceful.

Today (Saturday) there was the hustle and bustle of getting the kids organised, then they and my husband were off for the day. And the house feels empty and lonely and cold.

I didn't go with them because I've been sick for a few days. Still washed-out and a bit unwell today and I didn't want to pass on my germs (especially to my baby niece) and I couldn't cope with being social all day either. The plan was originally to go for the whole weekend but they are coming back tonight, which is nice.

The house is missing them already.


  1. Hi Natalie! We're still having Friday night here, but I still know what you mean. It feels weird to be a mother without any kids around. I mean, what else do we really do but mother 24/7 or work so that our kids have their basics??? :D

  2. After mooching around all morning I got nearly 3 hours solid writing done on my novel in the afternoon so that was worth being a bit lonely for!