Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Purple hair


So yesterday I had my lovely walk outside for an hour (it's relevant). That afternoon I decided to put some temporary purple streaks in my hair, this chalky stuff I picked up in the supermarket just for fun. It went on to my blonde hair really well, dramatic purple streaks. My hands were quite purple too. And all over the sink. And my shirt. And my face. And a bit of the carpet. And my combs. But it washed off everything ok (except the carpet) and I liked my hair.

A couple of hours later I saw in the mirror that my neck and shoulders were an angry hot pink colour. I'd put on face cream with sun screen in it before I went out, on my face and chest, and worn a hat and long sleeves, but clearly it wasn't enough. I am very fair and burn easily, so I wasn't that surprised that an hour in the sun was enough to turn exposed winter-white skin lobster red. I very gingerly dabbed on some soothing cream, and the hot pink came off on my hands! Not so much burned, as dyed.

I didn't want to wash it out straight away so last night I put an old pillow case on my pillow and put my streaked hair in a pony tail. This morning I popped into the hairdresser to book an appointment and she wanted to have a consult about what I was going to have done, so I'm sitting there and she is running her hands all through my hair, and her hands turned purple! I did warn her!

The strap of my handbag, where it goes over my shoulder, is all pinky-purple too. And every time I touch my hair I get more on my hands. I think it's more trouble than it's worth to keep in, so I'll be washing my hair straight after I exercise this afternoon.

Last night was our Salsabor lesson, so two hours of exercise in total yesterday. My legs were pretty tired by the end of dancing. And those damn mirrors again. I didn't know that lovely top made me look pregnant.

It's cold and gloomy again today, which is sad, but spring is only a couple of days away.

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