Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turning to nourishment, not comfort


I have been letting being unwell affect my weight loss efforts too much. Sure, exercising is probably out no matter how motivated I get myself (even walking the kids to school this morning was a bit of an effort) but I am eating all sorts of junk - way worse than normal. And it is showing in my "fat" jeans that SHOULD be a size too big but right now are feeling pretty comfortable.

Of course eating junk is not helping me get better either!

So today I am turning that around and eating foods that nourish me instead of temporarily comfort me.

I've made some vegetable soup with a dash of chilli flakes, so I'll go and have a cup of that now for my morning tea.

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  1. Hi Natalie! I totally relate to the eating issue. We have a lot of high-cal food in our home right now, and I am constantly making decisions. Am I going to eat the treat or am I going to respect the vision I have for myself and not overeat? Lately, I've been saying this question over and over. It's been sort of heart-warming because I've made a lot of choices toward the vision of myself. The soup is definitely toward your vision of yourself and I wish you many more good choices today! :D