Monday, August 26, 2013



It was a lovely almost-spring day today and when it came time to exercise I really didn't feel like dancing so instead I went for a walk. I didn't take my music, I just wanted to immerse myself in the day. There were beautiful smells all round from jonquils and wattle and plum blossoms. Pretty but raucous sulphur-crested cockatoos were nesting in the hollows in old trees, the wind was light and playful instead of being straight from the snow fields, it was a great day for a brisk stroll.

I mailed a letter and bought some milk and a couple of other things, and ended up carrying about 6kg of stuff in my backpack. I had thought the day still a little chilly on my way out, with no jumper, but I didn't think that on the way home, uphill and carrying a backpack! It seemed very warm indeed.

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