Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dance concert


Last week was really busy. My daughter had her dance concert on Saturday night and they had a rehearsal every single day leading up to it. Plus all the usual extra-curricular stuff we do. So although my days have been pretty relaxed, the afternoons have been hectic and I'm glad that is over and we are back to normal.

I got the tickets for the performance ok, after all the stress. I didn't even have to pay! The mother of one of Jasmine's friends gave me her complimentary tickets - her mother is one of the teachers at the dance studio and as the family were all involved in backstage stuff they didn't need the tickets, which were in an absolutely prime location. I was so so lucky to get them, as they had been sold out for ages.

I really want to get the mother a thank-you present, I just need to think of something nice. Our daughters are good friends and go to each other's birthday parties but I don't know the mother that well, just to say hi to.

The dance concert was much more elaborate than I expected, it was in Canberra's main theatre and the costuming was magnificent. Of course the four-year-olds were rarely all doing the same thing at the same time but they were cute enough to get away with it, and the older teenagers were really good. The show went so late though - nearly 11pm which is ridiculous considering there were lots of little kids in it. I think most of the tiniest ones went home at interval, which is when Tim took Aiden home. Luckily Jasmine was in the first Act. I stayed until the end though so Jasmine could have her bow. As soon as the curtain went down I was out of the theatre and literally sprinted for the stage door, I was one of the first there which was lucky as they only let us in in batches. Got Jas changed and out, and by that time there were a couple of hundred parents standing out in the Canberra winter night waiting to be let in.

The downside to not having diabetes (there is one, along with all the upsides) is that I haven't felt the same urgency about perfect diet and exercise. Trucking along ok, but not as careful as I was the week before. Had a bit of a cold and didn't exercise for three days, sugar crept back into the diet etc. Feeling all motivated again today, what is it about Mondays?

Time to go and dance.

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  1. Hi Natalie! I really love dance recitals. I bet that was a lot of fun to see Jasmine dance on a fancy stage.

    I wouldn't rely on urgency about diet and exercise. Just build some good habits and stick with them. Great habits beat willpower any day. :D