Thursday, April 10, 2014



We've gone and bought a cavoodle! We won't get her for a while because she was only born on Monday. I was doing some research and there were long waiting lists for all the kinds of dogs we liked so I put my name down for this newborn puppy, from a breeder about an hour away. I have seen a photo of four sausage-like bodies snuggled up to their mother, no idea which one is ours. We get to meet her in about 3 weeks and bring her home another month after that. So long to wait! But at least the gate should be done.

A cavoodle looks like this:
Or this:

Aren't they just the cutest dogs ever? There are a few colours but ours will be champagne, like the ones in the photos. (photo credit oakhurstcottage)

Plenty of time to buy bedding etc and move all Lego pieces behind closed doors. Now we have to agree on a name! My daughter and I each have our own ideas...

Edit: Wow, in the less-than two hours between the breeder saying they had two puppies left and me asking for the female, she had been sold! So we've got the boy. I hope. I sent reply email within about 5 minutes this time so they'd better not have sold him too! Have to rethink names now.


  1. OH!! How cute is that! Please do share more pic when it arrives!

  2. Same thing happened to us. Growing up, our family always had female dogs. So we put a deposit on a girl dog, but someone else got we ended up with her brother. Buster has been the best dog ever.

    Yes, that dog is pretty darn cute!

  3. How adorable! He looks a lot like Keebler who is a bichon/cocker spaniel mix. :-)