Monday, April 21, 2014

CPAP and new shoes


It's still school holidays here for another week. Today we had some things to do. First I had an appointment with the sleep doctor. They are changing the settings on my CPAP from automatic - where it increases the air pressure if I'm not breathing deeply enough,  to constant - a continuous higher pressure that keeps me breathing deeply all the time. They always try both on patients to see which works better for them. This should be the last two weeks of my trial before I decide what to buy.

I mentioned to the doctor that the first mask had been slipping off because it was too loose and not very adjustable, so I'd come in and the technician had switched me to the older model mask which was more adjustable. It was staying on very well but in every other way wasn't as good as the newer model I'd tried first. Louder, and bigger so made under my nose sweat and itch. And as I lie on my side, it was pressing against my face and I was waking with a sore tooth. So he switched me back to the newer model mask, but in a smaller size that fit me better! Why couldn't the tech do that! That's why the doctor gets the big money... Oh well, just glad to have it. Will see how it goes tonight.

Then I took the kids (who had been patiently playing their Nintendo DSs in the waiting room) shoe shopping. Aiden and I now have hiking boots for winter (not necessarily for hiking, but warm and sturdy and I love the look) and dressy boots for Jasmine. The heels they have on boots for ten year old girls! Ridiculous. Managed to find a pair with lower, wider heels that she liked (she was tottering like a newly awakened zombie in the narrow high ones), although they are having to order in the right colour.

I love my boots. They were on sale at a proper hiking store, and I was really disappointed when they said they didn't have a size 6 - normally the smallest adult size - the last ones they had were a size 5. But I looked at them and they didn't seem that tiny so I tried them on and they are fine. Plenty of toe-wiggling room. So I guess their 5 is my 6. Most places don't even have an adult women's 5.

Then the grocery shopping. I told the kids they could have a food treat at the end of all this. They don't need a bribe, they are always well behaved, but it would be afternoon tea time anyway. And I decided to get myself a chocolate ├ęclair from the French patisserie. I was so looking forward to it as I trudged around the grocery store. Then we got there and the patisserie was all closed up, apparently permanently! Crushed! I got something else from another shop which I didn't really want and didn't enjoy all that much. I didn't finish it, but I did eat most of it. So I felt cheated and guilty both. That is when I feel the worst about eating unhealthy food - if I don't even enjoy it.

We had a sunny morning but it is grey and windy now. I think we are in for a storm.

photo from Kathmandu

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  1. Glad they're figuring out the CPAP still, and whittling it down to the right options!