Sunday, April 27, 2014

End of the holidays


Ok, that last post was my attempt to post a picture of my very cute puppy at two weeks of age. The breeder sent me a photo via email but for some reason I've been completely unable to copy and paste it successfully. We get to meet him in two weeks but don't bring him home for a few weeks after that.

We went ten-pin bowling today. I suck. I tried without bumpers today and just managed to beat the kids in the second game. Tim came way ahead in both games.

We've had a quiet week, apart from my dad visiting with his girlfriend. Cool gloomy weather. I am still struggling with not enough sleep. My ability to tolerate the CPAP is very variable. Some nights I am fine with it until dawn, others I rip it off in frustration at 2am. Like last night. I have to persist with it and I'll get used to it eventually, I'm sure. Nutrition likewise varies. Exercise unfortunately consistently non-existent.

The school holidays are over, the kids go back to school tomorrow. So I need to get back into a routine of writing and exercising. When we took dad on a cruise around the lake when he was here, I was looking at the walkers around the foreshore wishing I was one of them instead of sitting on the little ferry listening to the commentary for the millionth time. So that is where I plan to start tomorrow.

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