Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chase the Stars 2


This morning I weighed in at 85 kg exactly. Still going up, and now only 1 kg lower than my highest PREGNANT weight. I was dreading this so much that it was almost a relief to see the number. No, not almost, an actual relief. Weird, huh? It was like, ok, there it is, now I can stop worrying I'll hit that number and just get on with it.

This past weekend was the second official Chase the Stars 5k. I didn't get out there and do it, no excuse, but I went first thing this morning. To make sure, I even drove the kids to school and went straight on to the lake. I was scared if I got everyone out of the house, first day of term, I would then sit down with a nice cup of tea and relax the day away.

When I got there it was cloudy and cold, I had some layers on but my hands were pretty chilly.

But by half-way round the sky had partly cleared. I took a few pictures of swans. That is the National Library in the background, and the avenue of trees that I get to in the next picture.
 By the end it was sunny and lovely. Here is some autumn colour. This is why I love walking around the lake! So pretty.

It took me a long time to walk around. I was doing my Zombies, Run! app, I had to run away from zombies a couple of times but otherwise was walking briskly. It's a bit more than 5k and it took me about 1 hr 05 mins. Unfortunately the app froze at 1 hr and then inexplicably only recorded 4.12 km in 50:10 min so it went back in time and space. It has recorded me for more than an hour before so I have no idea why it did that. Anyway, I did my 5k walk and got my exercise done for the day!

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  1. Hi Natalie, Yes, somehow you have to get un-obsessed with the number on the scale and get focused on your daily choices and attitude. So maybe this relief you are feeling is something about that. And your action of walking is very positive. :-)