Sunday, March 20, 2016

Birthday party


Tim's family over for his birthday lunch today. Unfortunately he pulled a muscle in his back tidying up in the morning so he was feeling pretty stiff and uncomfortable all day. But aside from that it was a good day. We played board games in the afternoon. Tim and I aren't usually allowed to be on the same team but for some reason we were today - and we won both games. It was quite funny to see everyone else ganging up on us in Trivial Pursuit. That was a close one. But luckily we know lots of pointless trivia.

The other game was Articulate, where you have to make your team say the word on the card in your hand - as many as possible in the time. For example I might say "Australian animal, marsupial, has a beak like a duck," and they shout "Platypus!" Or if you are not so good at the game (looking at you, Des (father-in-law)) you might say: "An animal" (Dog?) "No another animal," (Cat? Horse?) "No, an Australian animal," (Kangaroo? Koala?)...

Some of them are very tricky, like the Geography ones (how do you describe Essex?) or the "famous" people you have never heard of. Or maybe you've heard of but no one else on your team has! The table record today was seven in 45 seconds.

Once everyone left I was tidying up and putting leftover birthday cake away and was tired and careless and silly, angling the knife towards my other hand and forcing it against resistance which suddenly gave way. I cut my left thumb a bit but was very lucky it was only the cake knife and not something sharper. Could easily have been a trip to the emergency room for some stitches.

I really enjoy these family gatherings but they are exhausting! Time for a soak in the bath.

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