Monday, March 7, 2016

Weird plant


It's been too hot here to do anything much, what we mainly did on the weekend was play World of Warcraft (computer game) as a family team of four. We've been playing together since we moved a few months ago, and just got to level 60 (out of 100 levels). Of course there are challenges playing with children. Aiden's character sometimes leaps ahead into combat whether we are ready or not, Jasmine has a tendency to run away if things are going badly. I act as the team's healer, so as well as fighting it is my job to watch over them all and keep them alive. And it's a job I take very seriously! I also do the virtual cooking. It's a lot of fun. Tim gives the kids virtual money, and gets overexcited during combat and shouts instructions.

Have I posted this picture before? It's Aiden's Kylo Ren lunchbox - which I bought before we saw the movie, after we saw it we weren't so keen on him! Sulphur-crested cockatoos (big white parrots with yellow crests) are a problem at his school and the kids are told to keep their backpacks zipped up and turned to face the wall outside. According to Aiden, one actually unzipped his bag. Not sure if that is true but they are pretty smart birds. This is the damage they did to his lunchbox trying to get in to his sandwich and apple!

He has a Minions lunchbox now.

Here is a random photo of our wild backyard. So far as I know, this weird plant is called a "black boy" (ie Aboriginal child) but it's likely they've changed the name to something more PC. It's doesn't look exactly like a child to me! Hmm, maybe that's not what they mean by the name...
It's not burned or anything, it just looks like that. You can see some little ones on the ground around it. A bit creepy really. It's probably old and valuable, but I think it's horrible. Interesting though.