Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Three walks

later Tuesday:

After my best sleep in ages (probably due to cooler weather) last night, I felt quite energetic today. I walked up to Aiden's school and bought his winter uniform from the school shop. After being home for a while I decided I would walk up to the shops to do my errands since I didn't have anything heavy to carry. Two walks in one day!

I'd tried to investigate book clubs through the library online but didn't get anywhere, today I went in and asked. And joined a general fiction book club that meets once a month in the afternoon which is perfect for me. It turned out they were meeting today (in about an hour from when I asked) and I could have gone along but I'm a bit shy and decided it would be much easier next month having read the book so I would have something to say. The library gave me a list of upcoming books and study questions. Next month's book is Longbourne, which I actually read a couple of years ago when it came out. I'll read it again to refresh my memory. It is the story of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice but from the servants' point of view. Elizabeth Bennet might worry more about dragging her skirts through mud if she was the one who had to clean them!

Then Aiden needed a haircut after school and I decided we could all walk back up to the shops instead of driving! Oh my goodness, I willingly went on three walks today. Over 10,000 steps in total.

So, naming the negative voice in your head is a thing (hi Dee!) and I've decided to call mine Iago. Not just the evil parrot in Aladdin! Also an evil manipulative bastard in the Shakespere play Othello. He played people off against each other for no reason other than that he could. Convinced Othello that his wife was being unfaithful. He was a liar! For fun! Seems like a good name for my inner bastard.

I bring up the subject of my inner voice because it was telling me that three little short puny walks was an insignificant amount of exercise. Didn't even work up a sweat. Maybe an hour of real exercise would count, but not mere walking. And I'm proud of this? Not good enough. Never good enough. Iago is a prick. And I refuse to listen to him.


  1. Over 10,000 steps! Bravo, you. It's been awhile since I did that.

    And that is wonderful about the book club. I should do the same because I know I'd enjoy that.

    Largo! I like it. Sounds like a very good name for an inner bastard :)

    1. Since we moved I've been thinking I should do something to meet new people. Hopefully there are some nice people in the book club. At least I already know we have a common interest!