Thursday, March 31, 2016

Three: walk


I had a much better sleep last night, and a much better day today. I went for a walk to the library and got some editing done. I stuck to my food plan and at time of writing I still have two glasses of water to drink - I like to finish by 8pm so that I'm not up all night. I'll have another in a minute.

This is such a nice little area, 200 meters from our house the street ends and it looks like this:
Wild looking valley. There are houses nearby in all directions but you can't see them!

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Yoghurt with raspberries, tea.
Lunch: Satay chicken and vegetables.
Snack: Cheese.
Dinner: Beef fajitas in lettuce wraps.

Water: 10 cups - confident of 12 before bed.

Exercise: 30 minute walk.

Tim went to work today, he drove instead of riding his bike and said he didn't get much done, but he is gradually getting better.

One of the celebrity judges on my favourite cooking competition show is a Paleo diet cheerleader and has written several books. I often wonder how he reconciles that with his job on the show where he has to eat grain, dairy, sugar etc. Does he take a mouthful on camera then spit it out afterwards? Or does he just eat it and suffer all the horrible ills that he believes these foods wreak on your body?

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  1. I always wonder about that too! One of the celebrity judges has a lapland and I wonder how he eats some of the food he tastes!