Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One: round two


Tim was home sick from work today, and I was feeling worse. So most of my plans for the day went out the window. Most, but not all. I may not have exercised or worked on my book or practiced guitar, but I did stick to my food plan and drink my water (some in the form of soup). I did the grocery shopping and cooked a healthy dinner. Time to slump in front of the TV for a while then go to bed.

I don't usually remember to take photos, but here is what I ate.
Breakfast: two eggs, cucumber, tea (no sugar)
Lunch: rotisserie chicken, cucumber, pineapple
Snack: two mugs of vegetable soup, raw tomato
Dinner: zoodle (zucchini noodle) bolognaise

Water: 12 cups


  1. Being sick on the long weekend is shite! Homemade soup is probably the best thing about being sick though : )

    1. I love soup. We're heading into cooler weather here so I'll be able to have it more often.

  2. So sorry you've not been well ...
    Get better soon!

    All the best Jan