Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas BBQ


The general unwellness has continued. I did Christmas shopping on Thursday, did two half-hour walks on Friday, 2 kids parties and a swimming lesson on Saturday, and today we had a Christmas BBQ here. I felt vaguely unwell through most of those days, but particularly last night and this morning when I felt really bad with stomach pains.

I was lying on my bed this morning in between trying to get the house ready for guests thinking that although I don't like being sick and hope I get better soon, I find "definitely sick" easier to deal with emotionally than "maybe a bit sick". With the latter, I have the negative self-talk of "you aren't sick, just fat and lazy; you should feel very guilty that you are not exercising vigorously." When I am clearly unwell, like with bad stomach pains that make it hard to stand up for long periods, at least I don't have that psychological trauma!

I am worn out from preparing for and then being sparkly hostess during our BBQ; so time for a nap. Tim is taking the kids out Christmas shopping for presents for me so I will get a nice quiet house.

I have been worrying lately about finding time to exercise during the six-week school holidays. For half of that time they don't even have creche available, and when they do it would cost me $10 per session total for the two kids (I get four free per month, only two with both kids) -- that would add up very quickly. The only way I could think of was going really early to be back before Tim goes to work. But we are getting a Kinnect for Christmas and the dance game so maybe I can do that with the kids every day instead.

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