Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where is my exercise mojo?


I went to BodyPump on Monday. Found it pretty hard going, even with the lighter weights. And it sucked. What has happened to my mojo? I used to really like BodyPump, not so very long ago. It made me feel strong and powerful. Now it is hard and depressing.

Tuesday I spent the entire school day Christmas shopping. I only covered one section of the big Civic centre, so I guess I didn't even walk all that far. Was exhausted by the end of the day though. And I forgot to pick up ingredients for dinner so we had pizza, so the next morning (today) I was up to 80 kg, probably water retention from all that salt. We had people over in the evening and I was struggling to follow the conversation, even though I didn't feel sick. It was like my brain was elsewhere.

This morning I felt pretty awful. My husband got up very early to catch a plane and I didn't go back to sleep until it was nearly time for me to get up so I felt yuck when I was re-woken. Then on the way to dropping my daughter at school I suddenly felt really nauseous. My mouth filled with saliva, like it does when you are going to puke. I pulled over and got out of the car for a minute and felt ok again, more or less. I was determined to go to the gym, but I scaled it down from a class to a walk on the treadmill. I walked for 30 mins, slowly. And even that was hard. WTF is going on with my energy levels? They are zero. Am I sick? Am I not yet recovered from the flu? Am I just experiencing general tiredness and need to get on with it?

A contributing factor (look away gentlemen, if you like, from a bit of TMI) might be my period. I skipped my last one to try to change the date of the next so I wouldn't have my period during our upcoming week on the beach. This is quite acceptable practice and there are even instructions in the box of contraceptives on how to do it. I've done it before with no ill effects (that I remember). But this time; about the time my period would have ended, 'breakthrough bleeding' started. I have basically been slowly leaking menstrual fluids for two weeks now. I may be affected by such a long menstrual period. Am I aenemic from blood-loss? Am I affected by hormonal changes? Whatever it is, I hope it is over soon.

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