Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food survey


Only a handful of people read this blog, and I've had about three comments ever. So to encourage people to comment, I'm going to ask YOU a question!

What food did you start off hating, or thought you would hate, but ended up liking?

And, bonus question, what did you try to train yourself to get used to, but still hate?

I've tried porridge several times. I know lots of people like it. It's supposed to be really healthy, too. But to me it is like a bowl of warm glue, and I was not one of those children who liked to eat the school Perkins Paste.

On the other hand, I love quinoa (pronounced keen-wa). I use it instead of rice, but it has much more protein and much less carbohydrate. And it tastes yummy, especially with a squeeze of lemon or whatever sauce you are having it with. And leftovers the next day, stir-fried with finely chopped mushrooms & stuff so it looks like fried rice. Unfortunately, the rest of my family don't like it and continue to demand Jasmine Rice (which has a higher GI than sugar, might as well just inject glucose straight to the bloodstream), so yesterday I bought a small rice cooker so I can cook my quinoa at the same time as I do the family's rice in the big one. I'd recommend anyone to try it -- although I will say I only like the white; the black & red taste a bit different.

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