Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Glucose tolerance test


I had my glucose tolerance test for diabetes this morning. I don't see the doctor until next Wednesday, which is frustrating. I couldn't even see my usual doctor then, I would have had to wait even longer, so I'm just seeing some random doctor in the same clinic. The results might be ready on Friday, maybe I can get a look at them early. My nutritionist friend can translate them for me, she asked me to get a copy but I forgot.

By yesterday afternoon I was starting to feel a bit unwell. I don't know if it was the cold I've caught from my son, or the high levels of carbohydrates. Or both. My blood sugars were 9.8 two hours after lunch and 9.0 two hours after dinner, both pretty high. The clinic said I can still do the test while I have a cold so presumably it also wouldn't affect these figures.

I started fasting at 9.30pm. I didn't sleep well at all and felt a bit nauseated in the morning after I got up. At the clinic I gave them a wee sample then rested for a while, then they took the vial of fasting blood before I drank the horrible horrible glucose drink -- 75g of glucose in 300mL of water, that is equivalent to 15 teaspoons of sugar. I felt extremely nauseated afterwards and was quite worried about vomiting. I would have loved to lie down somewhere. I also felt very cold, and a bit weak and dizzy. But I got through it and they took blood at one hour and two hours, then I could go.

They didn't do a fingerprick test at the same time (they have in the past, when I did the test at the hospital) so I have no idea what sort of blood sugar level I had. I did think about taking my own testing kit with me, to use in the toilets if they wouldn't show me the fingerprick figures, but decided against it. I wish I had. I hate not knowing stuff.

 I went and had part of a Subway sandwich on the way back to my car but still felt quite nauseated for another hour or so. I'm a lot better now (2.30pm) but still not great; but that could be more about my cold. Runny nose and headache etc.

Now I just have to wait and see. I hate waiting.

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