Monday, August 13, 2012

Starting to panic just a little bit


I have nearly finished day two of carbo loading for my glucose tolerance test on Wednesday. I am starting to get quite worried about what the result will be. I had my old testing kit from when I had gestational diabetes, so I've done a few blood tests at different times of day, both before and after I started the carb loading. At first I thought the results were ok, mostly. A bit high one hour after eating; but that is ok, right, because they generally tell you to test two hours after eating when your blood sugars have stabilised a bit. Now I'm not sure if it is ok or not.

Worse, I also now think that what I was reading as "acceptable" was actually only "acceptable for a diabetic". Not "normal". I've read a lot of web-sites (yes, yes, a very dangerous thing to do. Damn you, easily accessable internet!) and I've found all the information a bit confusing. They generally only give a fasting figure for non-diabetics (mine is ok) but don't talk much about what it should be later in the day.

I haven't been keeping very comprehensive records yet, just a few tests here and there, but for my own records here is what I have so far (btw for Americans multiply everything by 18 to get mg/dL):

Fri 10 Aug
3.50 pm (more than two hours after a high-carb lunch) -- 6.7 mmol/L
5.00 pm (one hour after 35g carbs) -- 10.2, this is very high
6.00 pm (two hours after 35g carbs) -- 5.5

Sat 11 Aug
7.30 am (fasting) -- 4.3 mmol/L, this is normal
2.00 pm (after very high-lunch, about 60g) -- 8.4
3.00 pm (two hours after lunch) -- 6.5

Mon 13 Aug
3.20 pm (more than two hours after super-high-carb lunch, about 100g) -- 7.6 mmol/L
5.30 pm (two hours after low-carb afternoon tea* and half an hour exercise) -- 4.7
8.30 pm (two hours after pasta for dinner) -- 7.4

* I ate some of my afternoon-tea carbs at lunch, so afternoon tea was just strawberries; I probably shouldn't have done it that way.

So. If normal non-diabetic blood sugar is supposed to be 4--6 mmol/L all the time, then I am stuffed. Definitely diabetic. If it is allowed to go up to 7.8 two hours after eating and never get above 10, then I only need be a tiny bit worried. Still need to take action for my health, but not an immediate problem. If it is allowed to go up to 7.8 two hours after eating and the one hour after eating mark doesn't matter at all, then I am just fine and dandy.

I've been feeling bloated and a bit headachy and a bit sick today. I though it was all the carbs, but this evening I have a bit of a sore throat, so maybe I'm just sick. Aiden has a runny nose.

At the gym today I did my first 30 min row. I didn't go fast, just steadily, and got to 4.22 km. I didn't really have any problems rowing for that long so maybe the carbo loading is good for something.

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