Monday, August 27, 2012

New exercise goals


After a very inactive weekend (my mother visited and entertained the kids by, of all things, teaching them both to knit; Tim and I took the opportunity to play lots of Rift together) I have recommitted to exercising every day. It is important, I just have to make the time. But I am done with the rowing machine, for now at least, and needed a new mountain to conquer.

I have chosen the cross-trainer (elliptical machine), a bit of a favourite from way back before I moved on to other things. This afternoon I kept up a brisk "jog" -- or whatever the correct name for the movement is -- for 30 mins. I managed 3.7 km in that time. I was suitably sweaty at the end, but I know I can go a fair bit quicker. I am setting a goal of 5 km. That will mean speeding up by a considerable amount, but I think I can build up to it in a month or so.

After that it should be warm enough for me to start jogging outside and try to tame the lake run.

I'm not really worried that I get sick of each type of exercise so quickly -- after all there are so many things to try! I just have to make sure I don't leave too big a gap between each thing. And I definitely need a goal to aim for each time. I've always been very bored by the thought of exercise just for the sake of exercise, I need a specific target to strive for to make it seem worthwhile and interesting.

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