Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thor's day


I struggled a bit with PMS yesterday afternoon and today. With terrible timing, yesterday I decided to start counting calories again as well as carbs. Horrible. Having to weigh or estimate every single thing, no longer being able to think "this little cube of cheese is free", having to look at the whole day instead of just the level of carbs for that meal.

When I got to the end of the day, my score sheet looked pretty good. Lots of exercise, offsetting some of the calories. The recommended amount of fruit, vegetables, and dairy. Nearly enough water. But all that I could focus on was that I had gone over my planned 1500 calories. And OMG so many calories in that chicken breast. And that tiny spoonful of rice. I should have had one slice of chicken, two grains of rice. And who eats a whole banana! Do you know how many calories in that thing? You're disgusting!

I don't think I am ready to go back to calorie counting. As long as I am gradually losing weight, I will just stick with counting carbs for now.

I bought two Pandora charms today. A turtle, to celebrate my rowing victory. And a strawberry, to remind me to eat healthily. My bracelet is looking really nice, it started off a bit sparce but it has a respectable number of charms now.

Pouring rain today, the third Thursday in a row. I was explaining to the kids that it is really Thor's Day, named after the god of thunder. So maybe that is why. Thursday is usually our busy afternoon, but I gave the kids the option of just staying home and they took it. So I didn't exercise.

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