Tuesday, February 4, 2014



The kids went back to school yesterday. Jasmine is in year 5, Aiden in year 2. Her teacher is new to the school so I don't know about her yet, but very happy with Aiden's. Last year he had a stern, rather shouty teacher and he was scared of her. This year's teacher is lovely.

We are having a brief cool change here, it will heat up again from tomorrow, and I am revelling in two days of respite from the heatwave. I feel so much more alert and comfortable. And I had my first decent night's sleep for weeks.

I still have another week before uni starts. I'll be using the time to get a bit ahead on the reading. I mean, have you seen my Chemistry textbook? Well over a thousand pages of solid information. I'm trying to become familiar with some basic concepts so that I don't flounder once classes start.

Looking forward to watching the winter Olympics.

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