Monday, February 10, 2014

Up early


Getting up half an hour early wasn't too painful. I got dressed while still half asleep. I went out for a walk, which was lovely at first because it was still fresh and cool. By the end of 30 mins brisk walk I was hot and sweaty, but that is as it should be. Didn't like coming inside though - it felt about 10 degrees hotter in the house! It's just not cooling down much overnight.

After walking the kids to school (another 10 mins) I popped in to uni to buy my Biology textbook. It was (always is) a fair walk from the car into the "hub", call it another 20 mins including up and down four flights of stairs. So that is a total of an hour walking I did this morning! Not a bad start.

It looks like I might be doing all four subjects this term, a full time study load. They opened another Anatomy tutorial at a great time for me. I still can't attend the lecture but I will see how I go watching it online instead. Four subjects might be too much, I have until the end of week 4 to withdraw without penalty.

Next I did the grocery shopping, and I was so tired by then! Tired feet, tired body, sore hips (which hadn't been hurting me at all during the time I wasn't exercising, it feels like tight ligaments or something? Hopefully regular exercise will resolve it.). Had my banana and then went to five shops all over the centre with no success in finding the things I was looking for. Lots more walking. Finally the groceries. Lots of healthy things. You know those days when you are proud of your trolley and wouldn't mind if your doctor happened to walk past and glance in?

I had planned to cook myself a quick chicken and vegetable stir fry for lunch but I was much too tired for that; I had a cheese and salad sandwich with the beautiful fresh bread I had just bought. Then collapsed in front of the Olympics; figure skating and the luge. Wished something boring like hockey would come on so I could have a nap. It didn't, and despite the fact that figure skating is my absolute favourite, and also despite the fact I should have been studying, I fell asleep for an hour and a half. Much longer than my usual nana naps. Got the kids from school, watched some ski jumping with them, went up to the bedroom to fold four baskets of clean clothes ... and lay on the bed instead for another half an hour. Just so tired. My husband and I have both been sleeping really badly all summer.

We've moved Dungeons and Dragons to Mondays so I had to negotiate the supper table. I provided some mixed nuts so I had quite a few of those; high calorie but nutritious. I did well avoiding other stuff except for the chips. But I didn't have as many as usual, and over all I did much better than most weeks. About 500 calories total supper when often it can be over 1000. Hmm, I really need to start thinking in kilojoules instead of calories.

Over 10000 steps today!

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  1. Wow! What a full-on, busy day! I know what those days can be like. Sitting down for just 10 minutes... then waking up 2.5 hrs later! I would think that regular, gentle exercise will indeed help with that.