Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Up late


It turned very overcast overnight so it was really dark this morning in our bedroom, and without the external stimulus of the sunlight I didn't wake up for my walk! Damn. Nevertheless, I was busy today running various errands and darting here and there, and ended up with over 9000 steps on my pedometer so I call that a win for the day even without deliberate exercise.

Also under 1600 calories for the day, even with chicken takeaway for dinner after my daughter's dance class.

And I got through the day without taking a nap, and there is some cooler night air coming in the windows, both of which might contribute to me sleeping better tonight. So overall a good day.

Biggest thing I did today was get my hair cut. It's gone from well below shoulder-length to short. Pretty much a spur of the moment decision, I wasn't even sure if I was going to do that or just have a trim today until I sat for a while looking at the hairdresser's magazines. The main motivation was the heat, I was sick of having all that hot hair all over my neck.

Can I ask, how on earth do you take a selfie in the mirror without the camera getting in the way?

I had endless trouble. And my head looks tiny in this picture because my arms are so much closer to the mirror.

Is that any better? I don't know how other people do it so well, I kept ending up with the phone blocking my face.

I had those same bathroom tiles in the house where I grew up. Same colour and everything. I used to think that top left hand corner had a kind of dog/monster face, looking down. Side on, with the mouth and the eye.

But anyway, that is my hair. Short at the back and sides with a long heavy mop on top. So much cooler. Except for my forehead, because I didn't have a fringe before. It will take a bit of getting used to. I was really bored with the old hair anyway.

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  1. I have NO idea how people take selfies without the camera really taking center stage. I stink at it too! :) Nice haircut! I remember the in between with my hair being very hot too. Now that it's long, I can pul it into a ponytail and it's in my face even less, but that in between was stifling!