Saturday, February 15, 2014

Making progress


I had assumed my poor sleep was just due to the heat but then my husband told me I have been snoring lately, which I don't usually do unless I have a cold, he had been polite enough not to mention it until I asked him. So then I got all worried about sleep apnoea. But now we are having some cooler days/nights and I've slept much better and even the Chemistry that seemed completely confusing now makes sense. No more tired headaches and napping every afternoon! So I think it is just the heat after all. And maybe a slightly blocked nose. We are going to have at least a week of cool, yay!

I did 20 minutes of dance yesterday before I stopped from exhaustion. So unfit.

My diet buddy (who has organised about eight of us into a facebook group now) had planned a walk up Mt Ainslie this morning. I have done it before with another friend, it is a very difficult steep walk - even walking back down is tricky on the knees. Good exercise. I'd said I would go but was feeling a bit resistant; partly because getting up early on the weekend seems so unfair (have to go early before it gets hot) but mostly because Jodie is both much fitter and much taller than me. I was seeing myself gasping and struggling along behind these other women and holding them back. When I've walked it with my other friend she's stayed with me halfway up then jogged on ahead and waited at the top, but I know her well whereas I only know Jodie in this group so it's a bit more embarrassing. But anyway, it was pouring rain all yesterday so late last night the expedition was cancelled. And I was relieved. But I need to get over that. I don't even know how fit these other women are - and even if I am the slowest and least fit what of it? I'll just send them off ahead and then turn around when they meet me again on the way down. Even the slowest person is lapping the one sitting at home on the couch.

We had people over yesterday afternoon. I supplied a cheese platter. And sat with it at my elbow. Mmmm, camembert. You can guess how that went. But I didn't have any of the wine!

Friday was Valentine's Day. Tim gave me a fluffy purple towel set which is lovely, and a small amount of quality chocolate which I've eaten a bit of every day. I gave him a necklace. The only change I made to the menu for the day was adding a dessert, which we only have on special occasions or for visitors.

Tomorrow is official weigh in, but as of this morning I am 0.5 kg down from last Monday, which is exactly how much I wanted to lose. I think I've exercised four times this week (and still have plenty of today left). I've still had quite a bit of "treat" food, probably every single day, but I have still eaten better than I had been in the weeks/months before that. So I have by no means done perfectly, but I have made improvements and my weight is reflecting that. I am happy with my progress this week.

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  1. Oooh! I love the lookout from Mt Ainslie! Admittedly, we have only ever driven up, not walked. I have a photo from the lookout that I took a few years ago where I was lucky enough to line up the War Memorial, Old & New Parliament Houses with a passing hot air balloon. *Oh be still my beating heart!* I don't know if I could find anything more Canberran. *Sigh* I do get homesick for it sometimes. Mainly winter. Winter in Qld is just not the same. :D

    Glad to hear you're sleeping better! Isn't it amazing how quickly we weaken mentally if we are tired?

    And I'm looking forward to see your official weigh-in. You sound very positive about your food and exercise, it must be working for you. :)