Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Early feels so early


I started off the day really well, getting up in time to do my walk even though I didn't want to. I also had a super-healthy lunch: a big salad with a few slices of lean lamb and a drizzle of balsamic dressing. But the rest of my day was very sedentary, I spent the whole day working hard getting ready for Uni next week. Going over my unit outlines, reading things I needed to read before my first tutorials, watching an online video. I have to be up to speed in Mathematics to do my Chemistry subject. I was very good at Maths at school - but that was 25 years ago! 1988. My goodness. I did an online diagnostic test, which was essentially "what do you remember from high school 25 years ago?" And the answer turned out to be "about half of it". Now I have six weeks to go through a series of online Maths tutorials and then get 80% in the real test. Phew.

Total steps today just over 7000. Most of that was my walk this morning then to and from the school twice.

At dinner time I went to cook the yummy steaks I had bought only a few days ago. Monday - two days ago! And they were ... euw. Turning green. Had to throw them away. I can't find the receipt either, must be buried under yuckness in the bin. I kept the labels from the trays and I'll see what the supermarket says - four T-bone steaks is a lot of meat and a lot of money! The kids needed something before their karate class so I gave them the other half of the lamb fillet (a tiny bit each) and salad. Then later ordered pizza for me and Tim. Which the kids ate a lot of. I was moderate - two slices of pizza and two pieces of garlic bread. But it still took my daily calorie total a little over my limit. And it must have sent my blood glucose sky high - I just tested it more than three hours later and it's still over 8.4 mmol/L.

Every day I will keep trying to do better.


  1. Hmmm... that sucks about the meat Natalie - what a bummer!! Does remind me of one of my favourite jokes though: "Red meat isn't bad for you. Fuzzy green meat is bad for you."
    That sounds pretty good about your maths knowledge though! Is it a course you have to do on top of the four other courses you are doing? Because that sounds so full on!

  2. My Chemistry class will have a Maths test in week 6 which you have to get 80%, they have online stuff to help you get there. So it's not really a subject, just something I need to work through in my own time. Whenever that is! Not sure yet how much additional work that is going to be. Hopefully it will trigger remembering stuff I used to know rather than having to learn it all from scratch. Polynomials and quadratic equations!