Wednesday, February 19, 2014



Back at university this week, starting my three year Bachelor of Human Nutrition (or longer than three years if I can't handle full time). I haven't had a lot of "real" learning yet, it's mostly been covering the unit outlines, talking about the assignments, safety in the Science lab, that kind of thing. And not all of my tutorials have started yet, so I don't really know how hectic it is going to be. We'll see.

Today was funny, it had been overcast all day and when I was in my Chemistry lecture in the afternoon there was a sudden violent downpour. The lecture hall is a big, brand-new building; very snazzy although I find the chairs uncomfortable (and if I was any bigger I wouldn't fit in them at all, especially not with the desk pulled up in front of me, as it is it digs into my stomach a bit. I'm a bit offended by this on behalf of all overweight people as I don't consider myself too fat for a chair and they shouldn't assume all students are willowy). Anyway, when the rain had been falling hard for only a few minutes, water started fountaining up from the side wall down near the front. I mean fountaining, literally like someone turned a pretty fountain on there. People quickly moved away from that bit and the lecturer called whoever on the phone to come deal with it then tried to go on although we could hardly hear her over the storm. Then directly opposite that wall, another fountain started on the other side. I don't know where it was coming in - maybe a grill to allow water to drain out? And then we noticed water coming in around the high windows as well (they might have been open a bit for all I know). The security guy came and looked at the fountains but not much he could do. By the time we left (the rain had stopped by then), there was water all over the floor at the lowest bit of the room, where the lecturer is at the front. Could have been dangerous with the electrical equipment, which I didn't think of until after I have sloshed through it to the door. Anyway, it livened up the lecture a bit.

I've been doing a bit of walking because the uni is quite spread out and I have classes a long way away from each other and from the car, and so far I have resisted buying any food there. But I have been eating badly at home and not exercising apart from that. Getting up half an hour early to exercise hasn't worked out, you need more than half an hour to do half an hour of exercise (to allow for shower and change). Two days I have to get up that early for uni anyway, and another day I got up and put on the slow cooker which took half an hour but did mean I didn't get takeaway that night so I guess that was a good use of my time. But I need to work out something else for exercise - getting up even earlier? (urg, really really don't like that idea), exercising in the evening (but I study then, and also I'm tired) ... I'm not trying to be defeatist, just need to sort myself out. Maybe straight after school? Or just walk around uni even more for the time being. I was carrying my laptop today as well as some books and it was hard work!

The day before my Monday weigh in I was down to 82.5 kg but the very next morning the scale had bounced back up to 83.2! So officially I gained 0.2 kg last week.


  1. I went back to school when my children were in elementary school, and I had to drive an hour one way to get to the college, and then an hour back, and I also had a more than full course load. I have to tell you that as far as exercise went, if I didn't get it in first, I didn't get it in. It's just too exhausting for me to go through the whole day and then exercise after all of that. Maybe it'll work for you, but getting up earlier was the only solution, and it was the best one. Even with a bit less sleep, I was healthier and more energetic and your studies are actually better too.

    Good luck! :)

  2. Yes I'm thinking this too. And it is playing havoc with my sleeping rhythms to get up early some days and not other days.