Monday, February 24, 2014

Party weekend


Big weekend. My daughter had her birthday party - she turned 10 several weeks ago but this year we decided to wait until school started so all her friends would be back from holidays as we've had problems with that before. The party was a huge success. Exhausting for the adults, as we spent the whole morning cleaning. I ate party food, and now have a ulcer on my tongue. I always get them if I have a lot of sugar. That chocolate frosting was yummy though (I make it myself, so at least I know what is in it. Um, quite a bit of sugar).

One thing that annoyed me was the lateness of one child's parents picking her up. The party was advertised from 2 until 4 pm. One child was picked up at 5.30! Does that seem really rude, or is it just me? I was getting worried, but the girl indicated her mother was often late. There's late and then there is late. What if we'd had other plans? They just played quietly in Jasmine's room so I guess it didn't matter, but it did to me. I couldn't really relax.

My brother-in-law stayed over the weekend. On Sunday we went to the local annual Agricultural Show. Saw sheep and alpacas and the kids had a pony ride (first time, very exciting) and watched the dog sporting events and people doing tricks on motorbikes. For the first time in my entire life I didn't get a Show Bag for myself! Only for the kids. Usually it's my favourite thing. Like it is a license to eat as much junk as you want, just because it comes in a Show Bag. Faulty thinking. But not this year. Not that I can claim any virtue in my current eating habits. Still terrible. Only the mouth ulcer is stopping me. A bit.

Uni is going really well. I passed the Biology assessment test which means I don't have to do the extra bridging classes - Year Ten Biology 27 years ago plus brains got me through! Yay. Go me. And I got 100% on the first Chemistry quiz for week 1. I've also worked my way through all the Maths modules and I feel ready to do that test (have to get 80% to be allowed to continue Chemistry). However I have withdrawn from Anatomy as I've decided four subjects is too much, and I couldn't get to the lecture for that one so it was the logical one to drop. I will do it in winter term, which is a short teaching period sandwiched between the two semesters. A bit intense, but I'll only be doing that one subject so it should be ok.


  1. I would have had the kid calling her mother at 20-30 minutes late. That is VERY rude. It's one thing to drop off and say something like "I have to work, or *whatever* can I pick her up later?" And even then, they should call beforehand. That's very odd.

  2. That sounds good about the uni plans. Awesome job on remembering your Biol! And maths!

    Congrats to your daughter reaching double digits. I remember being soooooooo excited about that! However, what a shame about that mother not picking up her daughter until so late! You're right, you could have had plans, etc. I agree with Kyra, she should have indicated earlier that she may be late if she was working, etc.
    Next time, do the call after 20-30 minutes. Perhaps this mum has experienced before a "party ends at 4" and yet when she comes to pick her daughter up, there's still lots going on, and daughter hasn't wanted to leave all the fun?